[Healeys] Rear springs

Peter & Veronica greylinn at ozemail.com.au
Sat Nov 3 23:33:32 MDT 2012

OK one for you racing guys: Ibm getting on with my BN1-based Ausca track car
(Kilmartin BN1 chassis, BN1 running gear, Alfa 1750 twin cam/5 speed, Ausca
fibrerglass body from the 1950s. (Note: there was also an Ausca built in the
US, but that was a later, rear engined racer). I have a 4 stud BN1 axle and
rear springs, but the body only weighs 55kg all up, and the Alfa motor an
transmission is about half the weight of a Healey drivetrain. It looks likely
that the rear springs will be too stiff, & there have been some suggestions
about removing leaves. Question: which leaves to remove?


Peter Linn
Brisbane Oz
BN1 Ward Spl coupe
BN1 Holden V6
BN1/Ausca/Alfa (under construction)

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