[Healeys] Steering column replacement

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sat Nov 3 23:18:39 MDT 2012


I can't imagine how you could replace the box in situ. The rocker shaft has to be removed from the top and the column has to be withdrawn though the front of the box and I believe the outer tube is soldered into the box. I gotta believe you have to R&R the whole column intact, but, someone on this list may know better. 


Bob Spidell - San Jose, CA 

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The non adjust steering box has always leaked. New seal and foam bit did 
not help . I just got a replacement column and box( thanks Healeyjim). Any 
advice on switching out the box? Should I replace the whole column/ box as 
a unit or can I swap out the box alone en situ? 
Any advice is appreciated. 
I will replace seal and foam bit. 

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