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There is also a Austin Healey paint chip book produced by Donald
ikovnik, the  " Vintage Colour Resister", that shows the Healey ( big
nd little ) color chip and also givers the ICI off-set color code.
CI is AkzoNobel / Sherwan Williams . These books were produced in the
ineties at about a Hundred plus a copy. There are a couple of copies
unning around NEOAHC. One of which is I own. NEOAHC members are
elcome to look up a color here at my shop. I will not lend it out!
PG can take the ICI code and give you an off-set to their paint.
Water based paints are  NOT mandated yet in hold in Ohio and there is
till a chance it will not ever happen.
Daryl W. Wagner
utomotive Artistry
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 A great source for me is the healey list  below here is Healey Rick's answer
o the paint codes.
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 Here's a good thread with codes for the dark BRG:


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 Do you happen to have the (Modern numbers)  paint codes handy for: Matin
 Seynour or PPG

 Old English white________________Modern #_________

 The dark British Racing green_________Modern #___________

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