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I restored my first car (1963 galaxy) I was 15 yrs. old and payed $25.00 for it. I worked on it every day after school for 6 months. I worked on it in a cold,damp,poorly lite 1 car garage with few hand tools,tiny air compressor,beat up sears spray gun and a bucket of bondo. I finished it (looked great!)  just before I got my driver's license (16 yrs old)............I was styling.
Now I have a fully insulated garage,heated, and every tool you can think of........................and after 5 years I am still working on a little car( that I could fit in the trunk of the Galaxy)  called a 1959 Austin Healey 100/6 .........????  :)  :)...........................lol



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I painted my first car - a Model A - with a fly sprayer.

Times have changed.

Dick Matson / Bj8
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Tadeusz Malkiewicz wrote:
> BRG is more tricky I guess, as there are so many shades of it...

Confession:  In the late '60s, I bought my first Healey, a 100/6.
It needed restoration by a 16 year old.  I did all the body work
(fiberglass and bondo) and painted it myself.  For a compressor
I used a little airless compressor about the size of a football
and a $10 sprayer. The paint?  Sears enamel. I mixed their off-
the-shelf black with some off-the-shelf green until I got a hue
I liked.  It made for a nice 10-footer.

I did the interior with black carpeting, black trim, and white!
Naugahyde seats. I was stylin'. :)

Kent McLean
'56 100 BN2
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