[Healeys] Server updates

Mark J Bradakis mark at bradakis.com
Tue Feb 28 01:18:39 MST 2012

The mailing lists should be working again as you've probably noticed
over the last day or so.  The mailman pages at
http://www.team.net/mailman/listinfo also seem to be working better.

Still having issues with the forums, though now the error messages
are different.  I guess that's progress ;-)  And there are some
issues with the archives getting rebuilt.  What fun when switching
to all sorts of new software version, updated operating system, new
hardware ....

If you do have troubles with your subscriptions and the web interface
let me know, I'll work on getting things resolved.  Right now I think I'll
watch some cooking videos to relax before I head off to bed.


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