[Healeys] Scuttle Seal question

J. Scott Morris jstmorris at yahoo.com
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The instructions by Bill Bolton and notes from Rich Chrysler can be found on
Old Faithful - SOL.  See this link.

--Scott Morris; Simcoe, Ontario, Canada          - Keep Smiling, Murphy Lives

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I'll take a copy.

John Sims, BN6
Aberdeen, NJ


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Mark, Steve, Listers:

Mark is right - the instructions that came with the Bolton scuttle seals
(and originated way, way back with Don Mollett's Healey Motor Works in Santa
Barbara, CA - where Bolton got them when he bought Don out) make all the
difference to the success of the installation, regardless of whose seals are

Fortunately I have a scan that I can send on to anyone that needs it - it's
in Word format, but I really should re-scan it to PDF (that is if I can find
the original sheet!)

I'll attach it here for Mark and Steve - the list strips attachments, so all
others will have to request a copy be e-mailed.

Earl Kagna
Victoria, B.C.
BJ8, BT7 tri-carb

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Hey Steve,   Did you get instructions from anyone?   The seals that Bill
Bolton offered fit well and came with instructions.   With out the  step by
step illustrations there is no way that
I could have figured out how to put those on correctly.


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Yesterday I had new Moss scuttle seals installed and am disappointed in how
they look. The "gutter" doesn't stay open but basically lies flat. There's
no way I can see these can be made to resemble the picture in
Anderson/Moment page 109.

Are there better ones available from other sources that anyone knows of?

--Steve Gerow
Altadena, CA

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