[Healeys] engine flooding running too fast

Jonathan Quandt JFAQuandt at comcast.net
Thu Dec 6 16:30:53 MST 2012

I recently had my h6 carbs on my 56 bn2 rebuilt and I am having  
trouble with very high idle (like almost full throttle) when I start  
the motor. There is no fuel exiting the float overflows and they are  
unobstructed. The butterfly valves appear to be functioning smoothly .  
The motor flooded badly when using choke and would not start but using  
no choke the motor starts right up but the rpms roar to 3000 or more.  
The fuel pump was replaced with one producing 4lb pressure. Could the  
pump be delivering too much fuel pressure and causing this problem.  
The jet needles are Qw standard,could they be miss matched to the jets  
causing too much fuel to enter manifold? are the butterfly valves not  
properly seated? Or perhaps all of the above. Again this is not just a  
little fast idle but a bunch. cheers JQ  Ps The good news is that  
replacing the timing gears seems to have fixed the valve timing and I  
can at least start the little darling.

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