[Healeys] A bit of tuning advice

Ulla&Sven Ordell bispmotala at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 29 13:12:40 MDT 2010

Good advice from Kees.
I would like to add; do the carb spindles moving in unison. Or is just one
carb doing the job once off idling. Been there.


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Till: Paul Leeks
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A faulty valve/camshaft timing is higly unlikely unless someone messed
up things really bad when the engine was build up.
-Is your distributor OK, i.e. do the weights move freely and are the
proper springs fitted?
-Are all vacu|m lines connected?
-Are the carbs in order, proper damping with ATF or very light oil,
correct springs, no worn butterfly spindles?
-Are the correct needles and jets fitted to the carbs?
-Did you fit new sparkplug leads?
-Is the wiring of the electronic ignition connected up the right way?
-Did you check the mixture using a Colortune?
-Did you balance the carbs?

Most likely the mixture is to lean due to a leak somewhere.
Kees Oudesluijs

Paul Leeks wrote:
> After having problems with the poor running of my BN4, I put an electronic
> ignition in the distributer (which was also overhauled) and rebuilt the
> using a carb kit.  However, I still can't seem to get any power.
> I am pretty certain that the timing is right (having checked it with a
> gun), all the electric connections (plugs, cables, etc.) seem to be sound
> I cannot identify any specific problems with the carbs (ie leaks around
> inlet manifold, etc.).
> So I think the trouble is with the setting of the carbs, but I have been
> and down the adjustment nuts (rich to lean and back again) without any
> success.
> The symptoms are ... a smooth idle, smooth but very sluggish pick-up on
> acceleration accompanied by a loud machine-gun type rat-ta-tat-tat!
> Any ideas?
> Thanks
> Paul Leeks
> Lancashire
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