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Mike Slechta mslechta at chartermi.net
Tue Jun 29 10:25:38 MDT 2010

Steve - I also have (& still have) a 20' enclosed trailer.  In my opinion, you
can never have enough room, but I wouldn't go over 20'.  Any more than that &
you almost need a dedicated tow vehicle.  In 2000 I was at the TX Healey
Roundup & saw a Wells Cargo motorcycle trailer with a big Healey in it.  Very
nice fit, so I talked to the owner.  The reason he went with a cycle trailer
was because overall height was low enough that he could get it under a
conventional 8' garage door.  I liked that idea & I have cycles too so it
wasn't a tough decision for me.  The only thing I didn't like about it was
that I had black & white (checkered flag) linoleum installed on the deck.
Looks very nice, but a real pain to keep clean & the worst problem is if you
get the slightest bit of moisture on the floor or your tires, if becomes very
slippery.  I ended up putting adhesive backed "anti-skid" material where the
tires go & that helped, but looks like shit.
The thing about going bigger instead of smaller is that you have a lot of room
for "extras" - ie:  hanging clothes, tools & spares, but most of all, the
necessary coolers.  I have even had my BJ-8 towards the rear & loaded a cycle
through the man door in the front.  Hauled from WI to the Tail of the Dragon &
back & it only dropped my mpg down to 10.
Hope this was some help in coming to a decision.
Mad Mike

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  I have had a 20' enclosed car hauler for 10 years and used it to transport
  BT-7 to several shows.  The trailer was recently stolen from my house -
  goodness my Healey was in the workshop locked up.

  I am going to get another trailer.  Does anyone use an 18' or even 16'
  enclosed trailer for a big Healey?  I had a tool box in the front that was
  very handy - but there seemed to be a lot of room at the rear.

  Comments- suggestions?

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