[Healeys] Motor Oil --- ZDDP

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Mon Jun 28 02:45:42 MDT 2010

Did you run the compression test with a cold engine?, that should 
explain the rising readings as more oil will then deposited on the 
bores/rings, making a better seal . Repeat with a hot engine and compare.
Jet black oil is caused by blow by of the burned fuel gasses passing the 
cilinder bores/pistons.
Oli pressure seems a bit low, one would expect 50psi+ on a healthy 
engine, but I am not sure what the specs are on these engines.
Kees Oudesluijs

Greg Mandas wrote:
> Bob, 
> Thanks for the response. I now know I have one more base covered. 
> I'm sure I'm burning it as well as leaving my calling card. Occasionally I get a bit of blue smoke on startup and my drippage makes it hard to park when out and about. It has lead to a couple of embarrassing moments, quickly forgiven because of the car's coolness factor.
> As the car and I build trust and faith in each other, my driving is mostly short 20-30 miles jaunts. I'm thinking that means I'm loosing more through dripping than if I made longer trips. Also, the milage in my original post were SWAGS (wildass guesses), so basically, I have no idea what's going on. I should take it to my mechanic for a leak-down test.
> If you don't mind me droning on ...
> I think the rings are good because the compression test I did had good but interesting results.  Starting at cylinder #1 the compression was 165#. From the there the numbers rose incrementally, 165#, 167#, 170#, ....  until the 6th which had 180#. Is this a symptom or coincidence? 
> Oil pressure runs 60# at startup and 25-30# when heat saturated. I'm assuming jet-black oil is customary for these engines.
> Regarding oils in modern engines, my daughter's Honda Civic Hybrid runs 0W-20. 
> Greg

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