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John O'Brien banjojohn at cox.net
Sun Jun 27 21:42:50 MDT 2010

As a follow up, I have talked to Audiovox 3 times so far.  They suggested a
relay set up on the brake light switch to Make sure the purple wire goes to
ground when you're not stepping on the brake.  Did that, and still no luck,
I also tried various combinations of the dip switches, i.e. switch 1 set to
of (2000 PPM). Tried setting for low medium and high sensitivity on vacuum,
got some different reactions but none worked properly.  I tried switching to
tach only setting, No difference.  The last tech I spoke to said I should
check my vacuum to see if it is enough to operate the system.  My vacuum
gauge showed 14 to 15 in. HG when cruising 35 to 40 Mph. As soon as I
accelerate or start up a hill the vacuum drops.  He said the unit needs 14
to 21 in. HG to operate.  I'm right on the low end.  Any ideas?  I'll call
the tech line again tomorrow.  Is there such a thing as an auxiliary vacuum
pump for automotive applications that might make this thing work?
I see Audiovox also has a different (More expensive) model that does not
need a vacuum source to work
BTW I read the article on the installation from Linwood Rose.  I also have
my BJ8 converted to negative ground.  Linwood, do you know how much vacuum
you are getting to the unit?  

John O'Brien
'61 bugeye
'65 BJ8

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I know several of you have installed an Audiovox ccs-100 in your Healeys.  I
just completed the install but it is not working.  When cruising I hit the
set button and can sometimes feel it try to take over, but just for a
moment.  I'm wondering if I have all the dip switches set right.  I have 1,
3, and 7 on and the rest off.  I see the manual shows a low sensitivity
setting for light vehicles with high horsepower.  Should I try this setting?
What are the settings others have had success with? Any other thoughts on
what might be going on?


Thanks for your help

John O'Brien

'61 bugeye

'65 BJ8
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