[Healeys] Is a Puzzlement!

Bob Haskell rchaskell at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 26 13:25:04 MDT 2010


Yes, the BJ7/8 hardtop is different from the BT7 hardtop.


Jack Feldman wrote:
> I like *Sports and Exotic Cars* but the WORKSHOP feature sometimes leaves me
> puzzled. This month's project is even more confusing.
> (BTW, I have a BT7 with what I think is a factory hardtop). Please answer
> the following:
>       1. Do you really have to take the whole thing apart to use the
> hardtop?
>       2. Is the hardtop for the BT7&8 different than the one for my BT7?
>       3. They show what they call "windshield header bolts", Is that a bad
> restoration, or are the older tops just that much more          elegant. I
> can understand that the front of the hood has to fasten differently than an
> "erect the hood"  set up I have, but the 7&8 are
>            so nicely appointed, that I have trouble thinking the front of
> the hood is done that way when I have a nice hook and latch.
>      4. With not one, but two books of Healey people and resources, why take
> a Healey to a Jaguar shop?
> Whoever said that tops are only for racing and serious rallying never
> survived a Chicago winter in a rag top. My combination when my Healey was a
> daily driver was Bugeye with hard top. It was so snug I had to get an
> aftermarket rheostat to turn down the fan because it's one speed  kept ihe
> cabin too hot!
> The other WORKSHOP article that puzzled me was the method of powering your
> lights from the battery through relays. It was absolutely correct, but when
> you were done you had something like Victoria British 10-679 (29.95 regular,
> 19.95 every year in their sale catalog). The plug set up makes installation
> easier than the article. All disclaimers apply to this VB information.
> ??Jack
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