[Healeys] [Fwd: 1973 Jensen Healey hood]

Oudesluys coudesluijs at chello.nl
Thu Jun 24 14:46:38 MDT 2010

The steel bonnet/hood for a Jensen Healey is No Longer Available new for 
a long time. You can find good second hand ones but they tend to be very 
pricy, asking prices over $1000 is not unheard of. Your best bet would 
be a USA source as most JH's ended up there, about 90% of 10.000 cars I 
Kees Oudesluijs,

Bob Haskell wrote:
> Listers,
> Can anyone help Darren?  If so, please contact him directly.
> Bob
> As you can tell I work for an insurance company.  We currently have a
> claim involving a 1973 Jensen Healey and the hood is severely damaged
> and needs replaced.  I have been able to locate a fiberglass one from
> DELTA MOTORSPORTS out of Phoenix AZ but that is not what is on the
> vehicle and the owner does not want a fiberglass one.  I friend of mine
> suggested I look to the British Car Union for possible leads which lead
> me to you.  Do you have any connections that could produce a hood to be
> delivered to the state of Oregon?
> Thank You for your time.
> Darren  R.  Rhodes
> Cotton States Insurance
> Material Damage Claims Consultant
> 3120 Stonecrest Blvd.  Suite 145
> Lithonia   Georgia 30038
> telephone ( 678)323-7210
> cell: ( 404 ) 574-0677
> fax: ( 866 ) 671-7080

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