[Healeys] cruise control settings

John O'Brien banjojohn at cox.net
Wed Jun 23 21:31:05 MDT 2010

I know several of you have installed an Audiovox ccs-100 in your Healeys.  I
just completed the install but it is not working.  When cruising I hit the
set button and can sometimes feel it try to take over, but just for a
moment.  I'm wondering if I have all the dip switches set right.  I have 1,
3, and 7 on and the rest off.  I see the manual shows a low sensitivity
setting for light vehicles with high horsepower.  Should I try this setting?
What are the settings others have had success with? Any other thoughts on
what might be going on?


Thanks for your help

John O'Brien

'61 bugeye

'65 BJ8

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