[Healeys] 100 3.6 diff urgently needed

Alan Seigrist healey.nut at gmail.com
Wed Jun 23 17:58:59 MDT 2010

Bruno -

The only person that sells them new is Steve Norton at Cape
International.  He should have a couple of sets for sale.

Finding them used is VERY difficult - only the A90 convertibles had
the 3.6 ratio, and there were only ever a couple thousand of those
made.  You might also try the Austin A90 club in Australia.


On 6/23/10, Bruno Verstraete <brunoverstraete at mac.com> wrote:
> Dear Healey enthusiasts,
> I am urgently looking for a 3.6 diff for an early 100. If i am well
> informed it is the one that was used in the A90 Atlantic. Needs to be
> in good order!
> Thanks and best regards,
> Bruno Verstraete
> Zurich Switzerland where Healey weather is finally back!
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