[Healeys] Steering box

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Wed Jun 23 08:54:48 MDT 2010


If, by 'follower,' you're referring to the rocker shaft the washers are 
belleville (spring-type) washers.  They're shown in the Moss 
catalog--part# 725-115--which I've found to be more detailed than the 
shop manuals in some instances.


Stephen Hutchings wrote:
> While dismantling my BJ8 steering box, I noticed a stck of 
> washers/shims under the follower.
> It's curious to me that these don't appear in any of the diagrams, and 
> I don't think they're mentioned in the manual notes. Anyone know why?
> Removing one of these would enable you to get the peg down lower into 
> the worm gear, but it would be pretty risky, because the whole damn 
> thing has to come apart to remove or replace them....not worth it for 
> an experiment, in my mind!
> Stephen, BJ8
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