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Of five BJ8s in the registry that were originally delivered to R. S. Stokvis
& Zonen in Rotterdam, two of them are specified in "Factory-fitted
equipment" as having MPH speedometers (one of them is Ben Cohen's car).  No
other special equipment noted.  The three that do not identify MPH speedos
as part of the original equipment do not specify what speedos they had, but
I assume that if MPH speedos were worth noting then KPH speedos were
probably standard to The Netherlands.  The parts manual does not distinguish
destinations between MPH and KPH speedos, as it does with other features
such as external light configuration.
One of the cars with MPH speedo has apparently always remained in The

Steve Byers
BJ8 Registry
Havelock, NC  USA

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As you can imagine R.S. Stokvis & Zonen was at the time the official
importer for Austin in The Netherlands. As far as I know the AH's for the
Dutch market had their steering wheel on the left,  a speedo in kilometers
(KPH) and an oil pressure/water temp gauge in kilograms per square
centimeter/ degrees Celcius. No special pedal arrangement for driving with
wooden shoes....
Good luck with the restoration!
Regards, Jack Aeckerlin, The Netherlands
1964 BJ8 29432

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