[Healeys] BT7 The Netherlands

Mark LaPierre lapierrem at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jun 23 01:19:52 MDT 2010

Sounds like a great article in the making for one of the Healey magazines. 
I for one would like to see some pics and hear the rest of the story.


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> Just picked up today a 1961 AH 3000 BT7 that was in a barn for 23 years as 
> an
> abandoned restro project.  The BMIHT says it was delivered to Stokvis and
> Zonen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  Could it have been brought to the USA 
> by a
> service person?  Was this typically the case?  Anything really different 
> about
> a Netherlands car?  KMP vs. MPH?
> Thanks, Shawn

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