[Healeys] Champion plug tester

Richard Kahn tahoehealey at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 21 22:29:48 MDT 2010

I purchased a "brand new in the box" old Champion spark plug tester (for
 twenty dollars). It connects to any one of the plugs, the coil, and the
 pos and neg battery terminals. It has a scope, like an oscilloscope, on
 one end that has bars that represent each plug when the engine is
started. It is suppose to show the integrity of the plugs. It has the
Champion logo on a black Bakelite case. I bought it cause I have a small
 garage collection. But it is very cool. I cannot find anything about it
 and no one I know has ever see one of these. Has anyone on this forum
ever heard of it?
Rich Kahn

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