[Healeys] I'm a Healey owner once again!!

Derek Job derek.c.job at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 03:14:45 MDT 2010

Hello listers

My search for a Healey is now over. I have purchased a 1956 Longbridge
100-Six number 30524, a very early car that was originally a dealer
demonstrator in the south of England.

The car  had a ground up total renovation between 1988 and 1990 including
new chassis rails and outriggers and most body panels. At that time the
perculiarities of the Longbridge 100-Sixs were not well known and many parts
were not available. Consequently the car has been restored using interior
and top parts for the later 100-Sixs.and 3000s.

In addition I have now confirmed that a 3000 engine was fitted. Possibly
from a BJ7 as the car has HS6 carbs when it would have been more logical to
fit HD6s. It also has 72 spoke painted wires, spot lights, an oil cooler and
an aluminium bonnet which was ordered with the ridge in the centre. The only
interior parts from the early 100-Six that remain are the deep seat bases.

I was looking for a red car to make into a rally replica but when I saw this
one it was just too good to pass up and I've gone full circle back to a
Healey Blue over white car. The car was repainted in 2007 and is immaculate.

I found it on the west coast of Ireland and collected it last week. I was
confident it was a very sorted example so decided to drive it to Cumbria in
the north of England for my first 'run'. That was about 700 kms and it never
missed a beat. The drive was from County Claire across Ireland to Dublin
where I took the ferry to Holyhead in Angelsey then drove along the north
Wales coastline, which is a beautiful drive. From there is was about a
further 260 kms to get to the Lake District in Cumbria. the weather was
perfect and it was a fantastic way to be begin my re-introduction to Healey

The car will stay garaged with family in Cumbria until it has been tested
and registered as a UK car. I'll then have to plan the trip to Malta which
should be interesting!

I've posted a photo of the car on the homepage of my website at


Happy Healying


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