[Healeys] Barrett Jackson OC Car Rally

Mr. Bill bn1 at pacbell.net
Sun Jun 20 22:59:50 MDT 2010

Richard and List,

Thanks for posting the link.  The Healeys were from The Austin-Healey 
Association of Southern California.  My Healey is in a few of the 
pictures including the one where we were "leader of the pack".  That's 
me in the hat waving while my caregiver drives.  (The only reason we 
were leading was because mine was the earliest Healey there.)  The 
parade was limited to 100 cars but our Vice President/activities 
director jumped right in at the beginning and nailed down 20 spaces for us!

I hope this shows what a very active group we have and I'd like to put 
in a plug for our Club.  We broke 200 members this year representing 
over 300 Healeys.  (Doesn't everyone have more than one?)  We have many 
activities of our own as well as participating individually or as a 
group in other automotive events.  We have been in existence 
continuously for 36 years.  I highly recommend anyone living in the 
Southern California area to attend a few of our events and meet us.  We 
are extremely proud of both our newsletter and website:  
http://austin-healey.org/  You can go there to see our event calendar 
and, for the time being, review past issues of our newsletter, Healey 
Motor News.

Bill Barnett
Santa Ana, CA
'53 Red Car

On 6/20/2010 05:01 PM, Richard Kahn wrote:
> Barrett Jackson just posted pictures from yesterday's first inaugural Road
> Rally in Orange County, California.  Looks like there were tons of Healeys
> participating.  Anybody we know?  Here's a link to the pictures:
> http://www.barrett-jackson.com/events/orangecounty/roadrally/

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