[Healeys] BN2 transmission rebuild problem

Michael Salter msalter at precisionsportscar.com
Sun Jun 20 18:34:38 MDT 2010

Did you check that there was clearance between the face of the gear
and the syncro ring when you squeezed them together before assembly.
If the ring is not made absolutely correctly or the cone on the gear
is worn the side of the ring will contact the gear before the "cone
brake" of the syncro has a chance to work effectively.
If there is a little clearance between these faces when the ring is
pressed onto the gear, and the 3 wedge shaped ears on the ring are in
good shape the syncro will work just fine.
Unfortunately this is ery hard to check on an assembled box although
you can do it.

Michael Salter

On Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 2:33 PM, robert bender
<rbender1 at berkshire.rr.com> wrote:
> Hey folks, here's the story -
> About 25 years ago, I rebuilt my tranny; bearings, thrustwashers,
> syncros.the works.  Life was good.  Apparently I go some of the lousy
> syncros from Moss.  They went bad in a few thousand miles.
> This year, I decides to fix that problem, and while I was at it, I decided
> to change to a BJ8 clutch.
> Here is the total of what I did:  New syncros (I went with the best I could
> find - bronze from AH Spares), new thrust washers, I fashioned the pad that
> the shift rods bang against in the bellhousing (it's about 1/8 inch thick
> made from Tupperware plastic),  It didn't have one at all before this
> operation.  That's all for the tranny.
> For the clutch:  Resurfaced BJ8 flywheel with new starter ring, BJ8 clutch,
> pressure plate, and throw-out bearing, and a new spigot bushing.  That's
> I switched to MT-90.
> Results:  I had to adjust the clutch all the way to the end of the threaded
> rod, but I'm convinced the clutch is fully disengaging.  The clutch is
> smooth as silk.
>                  I go through the gears slowly and I think largely because
> of the MT-90,  it shifts smooth as silk.
>                  I shift through the gears in a more spirited manner or
> downshift without double clutching..not so much like silk.  In fact it was
> better with the old worn syncros!
> Here's the question(s):  Could this grinding be caused because I made the
> pad too thick?
>                                                 Could it be because I
> switched to MT-90?
>                                                 Could I have gotten another
> bad batch of syncros ?  I don't know of a way to install them wrong.
>                                                 Could something else be
> worn that I'm not thinking of?
> Sorry for such a long winded question - any help would be appreciated
> greatly.  I really would like to have an idea of possible causes before
> dragging that thing out again.
> By the way, the overdrive works smooth as silk too, and I have no desire to
> switch to a Toyota tranny.

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