[Healeys] Reducing pedal pressure for clutch

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I must disagree. If the clevis pin is relocated closer to the pivot point the
pedal will have to travel farther to move the push rod the same amount & it
will take less pressure to
do this. The push rod must move the same distance as original to move the
master cylinder the same distance & displace the same amount of fluid.  You
can not reduce the pressure required without increasing the travel, weather
you do it by changing the master cylinder bore or changing the lever arm
Gary Hodson.

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There will not be any change in the pedal travel to release the clutch. Since
you are not changing anything in the hydraulic system. You are still moving
the same amount of fluid from the same size cylinders as original.

Now if you change the master cylinder size you will have a problem with

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Just a reminder to anyone contemplating reducing the clutch pedal pressure by
relocating the push rod pick up point or using a smaller master cylinder,
there will be an increase in pedal travel required.
Gary Hodson

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Hi David,
What do you mean "drilled .5" higher"?


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