[Healeys] Reducing pedal pressure for clutch

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The pedal assembly is a lever arm which pivots at the top & is pushed by your
foot on the other end. The master cylinder pushrod is attached to the pedal
arm with a clevis pin at a point some where between the pivot point & the end
that your foot pushes on. If you drill another hole for the clevis pin, 1/2"
closer to the pivot point & relocate the pushrod clevis in this new hole, the
amount of pressure required to operate the clutch would be reduced, however,
the clutch pedal (the part you push on) would have to travel farther to move
the push rod (& therefore the master cylinder piston) the same distance as
original. Lower pressure means more travel & visa versa. Nothing is free! In
my opinion, Healeys already have a relatively long clutch pedal travel. If you
are contemplating doing this, spend a few minutes studying how you would
actually drill this new hole in the existing pedal lever arm while it is in
Gary Hodson

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Hi Gary,

What do you mean, "relocating the push rod pick up point".  Ibm trying
visualize and am having a hard time.
 [ld have to traver farther to

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