[Healeys] My Forever BT7 Restoration

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Thu Jun 17 22:45:46 MDT 2010


In my not-too-informed opinion, the hardest part will be the flanges on 
the aluminium shrouds.  I think your body guy will have to fab at least 
some new sections.  He needs to be good with Al fab and a TIG--or 

I don't think the steel sections will be much trouble for a good 
restorer, esp. if he uses Kilmartin or comparable repair sections (or 
can fab his own).


Dan Corning wrote:
> ...
> Here's my request:  I took a bunch of detailed photos of my car today and
> posted them on the internet.  I thought I would ask anyone that may be
> interested to take a look at what I have.  The photos show the good, the bad
> and the ugly regarding my restoration work.  It would be very easy for me to
> post more if anyone wanted to see any specific component with more detail.
> I would like to hear comments regarding my best options to bring the car
> back to "paint ready" or even painted condition.  However, I don't really
> want to turn the project over to a shop and have it returned as a complete
> car.
> ...

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