[Healeys] 1955 Sebring Cars

Tracy Drummond bighealey at charter.net
Thu Jun 17 06:51:28 MDT 2010


Richard Walter <rawalter1 at verizon.net>

Does anyone know what happened to these two Healey 100's raced at Sebring in
1955. They were prepared and raced by Joe Giubardo, Fred Wolf, Bill Wonder,
and Bill Wellenberg out of Long Island, New York. The cars were prepared for
Sebring with alloy bodies with distinstive dual opening grill. These cars
finished respectively over some of the 100S's. One or both these cars were
later modified with V8 power and raced on eastern tracks,late 50's early
60's. Has anyone have pictures of these at Sebring or in later life? Present
whereabouts? rawalter1 at verizon.net

Warm Regards,


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