[Healeys] Ebay BJ7

Martin Jansen jule_enterprisesah at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 16 18:16:23 MDT 2010

This is a 1965 BJ8 phase II. The car has radius arms and the drop in the rear
frame where the axle goes for the increased rear  ride height. This began in
the 1965 model year. The non-overdrive cars generally had a 354 gear ratio
axle in it.
I would not be surprised if the car brought 10,000.00 to 15,000.00 on ebay
anything less than 10,000.00 would be a bargain. I have had in my shop similar
cars with the rusted floor pans in place requiring the same amount of work as
this one .The last 2 were purchased over 20,000.00.
Yes it can be fixed.

Happy Healeying,   Marty  www.jule-enterprises.com

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Anybody know anything about this car or the seller. It looks like a cheap
project car but if to looks to cheap to be true...

Ebay Item number:290444031494

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