[Healeys] underhood temperatures VS clear enamel........???????????

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Tue Jun 15 16:35:10 MDT 2010


"And here's a tip for dull plastic and metal parts, especially on the
firewall; a coat of satin clear enamel is a quick way to bring new life and
shine to those old parts without a lot of tedious masking and painting".


Ray, all I can tell you, etal is that a number of years ago I
was one [1] of the Concours Judges in NC and we had a
beautiful Golden Beige Metallic BJ-8 that the Owner had
spent MANY hours on a LOT of which involved exactly
what you are 'saying'/proposing.  Unfortunately [for me -
the Owner 'found out' it was me that "Outed" him <VBG> !!! ]
and I became Person Non-Grata for the rest of Conclave.

What I found was that about 80% of the Brake Pipes
traversing the firewall [THERE is the prob<G>] WHERE
painted VERY deftly with a brush [only about 1% 'showed'
the brushing] in a similar coloured paint.

I found the 20% of NON-'showing' original [coloured] pipe
and what I found was enough to knock him down a 'step'.

Mind you, the job was VERY well done and in any Popular
Judged Class the pipes woulda "passed muster" <G> !!!

FYI, YMMV, FWIW, NFI, etc., etc., etc. !!!

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