[Healeys] underhood temperatures VS clear enamel........???????????

raymead at comcast.net raymead at comcast.net
Tue Jun 15 14:41:42 MDT 2010

hello all,

IB was watching a car show a couple weeks ago (Motorweek) and Pat Goss, who is
currently restoring some big old hunk of a Cadillac, was talking about
cleaning and dressing up the underhood area.

He made the following statement (which also appears on their website):

"And here's a tip for dull plastic and metal parts, especially on the
firewall; a coat of satin clear enamel is a quick way to bring new life and
shine to those old parts without a lot of tedious masking and painting".

Upon hearing what Pat said, I went out and bought a spray can of "Crystal
Clear Enamel" B made by Rust-oleum.

There is a warning on the can which reads "Do not apply on surfaces that, when
heated, exceed 200 degrees F., or galvanized metal".

So,,,,,,,,, my question is:

1.B  did I buy the wrong enamel?


2.B  is this productB consistent B (thus meaning the 200 degree warning) with
what Pat said on the air and on the website??

Or, put another way, what kind of temperatures can one expect, underhood,
while understanding that you don't spray this stuff on your engine block, your
headers, etc!!!!B  My though was to spray it on wires, plastic parts on the
firewall, etc., etc............

Comments?????????B B B B B B B B B  Alternatives?????????B B B B B B B B B B 

tks, ray

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