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Assuming the anchor brackets are in the right place on the inner sill edge 
right below the top spring mounting bracket, and assuming the Armacord 
spring cover is installed on the spring, attach the coil end into the bottom 
anchor and erect the top. This will bring the upper spring mounting bracket 
closer and not make it such a stretch. Then using a good vice grip, clamp 
onto the upper long straight portion of the spring a couple of inches from 
the hook end, stretch the spring and angle the end through the hole in the 
bracket. repeat for other side.

Rich Chrysler

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> Is there a secret or sequence to installing convertible top frame springs?
> Gary Hodson
> Gary,
> Would you post on the web to your cyber Healey buddies
> A fellow AHCKC member is restoring a late model Big Healey and would like 
> any
> information on how to install the springs for the convertible top. He 
> states
> when he purchased the car it did not have springs. He is completing a 
> frame
> off restoration to present in Galena
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