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Bob Haskell rchaskell at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 14 15:43:53 MDT 2010


NAPA has pre-assembled spark plug wires.  If I remember correctly, some 
folks have said Tractor Supply is another source.


Fred Wescoe wrote:
> Lister's,
> I am looking for copper core plug wires for my BJ7, that I do not have to
> assemble myself.  I never seem to get it right when I try and do it myself.
> Moss has the ones you assemble and that is not what I want.  Who has them
> assembled?  Has anyone found a suitable substitute for the copper wires?
> I am also in need of a clutch master cylinder rebuild kit.  Or, should I
> just get a new one?  Is it possible to put a different size bore in my car
> and reduce the leg effort needed to depress the pedal?  My youngest daughter
> has a difficult time reaching the pedals and depressing the clutch.  I would
> like her to be able to drive the car.
> Thanks,
> Fred
> 63 BJ7
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