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David Nock healeydoc at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jun 14 15:18:52 MDT 2010

Fred. I have the sets in stock and ready to install. You will need to  
do the install onto your cap but they have the plug ends installed

We also have the clutch master cylinder rebuild kits available.

If your daughters problem is the strength to press the pedal you can  
move the position where the push rod attaches. By moving the push rod  
position up 1/2 inch will change the ratio of the clutch pedal and it  
will required less pedal pressure to actuate the clutch.

We had a guy that did this to the brake pedal with out us knowing. He  
brought it is to us to rebuild the brakes. We were unable to get a  
hard brake pedal after bleeding the brakes and all the hoses were  
swelling when you pushed hard on the brake pedal causing a soft pedal.

If her problem is short leg syndrome then there a lot of guys that  
have made pedal extensions.

David Nock
British Car Specialists
Stockton Ca 95205


On Jun 14, 2010, at 11:11 AM, Fred Wescoe wrote:

> Lister's,
> I am looking for copper core plug wires for my BJ7, that I do not  
> have to
> assemble myself.  I never seem to get it right when I try and do it  
> myself.
> Moss has the ones you assemble and that is not what I want.  Who  
> has them
> assembled?  Has anyone found a suitable substitute for the copper  
> wires?
> I am also in need of a clutch master cylinder rebuild kit.  Or,  
> should I
> just get a new one?  Is it possible to put a different size bore in  
> my car
> and reduce the leg effort needed to depress the pedal?  My youngest  
> daughter
> has a difficult time reaching the pedals and depressing the  
> clutch.  I would
> like her to be able to drive the car.
> Thanks,
> Fred
> 63 BJ7
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