[Healeys] Timing cover oil seal leak

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One more thought. I hate to suggest this but is there any chance you installed
the seal the wrong way around? The lip should be toward the inside.
Gary Hodson

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If you put silicone sealant around the seal lip to pulley joint it probably
on't do any harm, although it could possibly interfere with the rubber lip
eating properly. It sure won't do any good. If you put it around the outside
f the seal housing before installing it in the timing cover it might do a
inor amount of good, but should not be necessary.
f you have the original crankcase breather system installed & functioning as
esigned, you should not have any positive pressure buildup in the crankcase
o force oil out the seal.
re you sure it is the seal leaking & not the timing cover joint?
ary Hodson

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 was careful to make sure the seal was centered by installing three bolts
ry loose and installing the pulley to center the whole cover.  Now I did
ve gasket sealer on both sides of the timing cover gasket, and maybe it
uld have inhibited the centering, but I was as careful as I could be.
ugged the three bolt and then installed the rest.  It wasn't real easy to do
th the engine in the car.  I even put a small amount of silicone sealant
ound the oil seal.
 am just at a loss to why it is still leaking. That is why I think it could
 a pressure thing.  Just not sure.
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