[Healeys] Trans Oil

Frank Magnusson fmags at cox.net
Sat Jun 12 07:31:09 MDT 2010

 < I know this subject has been around before so I'm sorry for repeats but
where did you guys find your non- detergent oil. An was it 40 or 50 weight. >
 Beau in New England>

Hi Beau, I found a 40wt non detergent aviation oil.  Aeroshell.  I've used it
in my BJ8 for the 20 years; works great and the gearbox shifts well with the
proper 40 wt.  If memory serves I tried some other weights before I came
acroshell and the gearbox didn't shift as well.

Frank Magnusson
Wichita, KS.

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