[Healeys] Bumperty Brackets

Mark LaPierre lapierrem at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jun 11 18:33:31 MDT 2010

Thanks guys ,  I'll go the Kilmartin route.  My brackets are showing their 
40 years.


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> If new brackets are needed I can highly recommend those made by Kilmartin 
> Sheetmetal of Australia.  On the last two restorations I have used a full 
> set of new Kilmartin bumper mounting brackets and they were the best and 
> easiest fitting of any I've experienced over the years. They brought 
> everything nice and level, and there was a sufficient margin of fitting to 
> allow good gaps between bumper, valance and front apron of the body.
> If you've ever struggled with poor fitting ones, or originals that have 
> been beaten straight, you'll know how significant a statement this is!
> Rich Chrysler
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>>> The front bumper brackets on your 6 cylinder Healey
>> The original bumper brackets also had slots for the bolts that fasten 
>> them
>> to the frame rails so that once they're bolted in place they can be slid 
>> in
>> and out to get the proper clearance and angle between the bumper and the
>> front of the body. You mentioned drilling new holes -- if you just have 
>> round
>> holes, you're going to have a bit of a problem getting the bumper to fit 
>> and
>> look proper. Take a look at someone else's BN/BT7 and make sure you've 
>> got
>> good replacement parts -- and let me know, since I need to order a set 
>> soon
>> to replace my bumper.
>> Cheers
>> Gary

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