[Healeys] heavy duty headlight wiring harness

Rich C richchrysler at quickclic.net
Fri Jun 11 15:10:59 MDT 2010

Hi Carl,

You've lost me there with the brown wire bit. Brown in the Healey wiring 
harness is direct full time battery power.
If you're installing new headlamp wiring pigtails they should be 3 wires per 
pigtail braided together.
Colours should be:
- blue with red tracer (headlamp low beam power feed),
- blue with white tracer (headlamp high beam power feed) and
- black (earth or ground)

Rich Chrysler

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Subject: [Healeys] heavy duty headlight wiring harness

> Bought this from VB. Directions seem to have been translated from Chinese.
> Calls for plugging into headlight closest to battery. In a BN-4 would that 
> be
> right or left headlight or does it make a difference since the brown wire 
> is
> routed to both sides.?
> Carl
> BN-4(L)
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