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Military aircraft use MIL-H-5606 fluid in their hydraulic systems, including
brakes, but MIL-H-83282 fluid has replaced 5606 in Naval and Marine aircraft
due to its improved fire-resistant characteristic.  Both are petroleum-based
fluids and not silicone (silicone, not silicon!).  I believe the other
services are converting as well.  More info can be had by Googling
MIL-H-5606 and MIL-H-83282.

Steve Byers
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Havelock, NC  USA

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what kind of brake fluid do aircraft use?  i know i have had some F-4 brakes
that glowed cherry red after some heavy braking so i assume it has a higher
boiling point.  is it compatible with automobiles?  cost?     hjim

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