[Healeys] BT7 door stuck shut

Skip Saunders tfsbj7 at mindspring.com
Thu Jun 10 10:14:24 MDT 2010

Try a jack under the car....place the jack so it raises against the
outrigger.   Don't raise the car off the ground, just take the tension off
the door.

If this works, you might need to replace sills....


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I closed the driver's (left) side door on my BT7 the other day and it 
will not open again.  I've removed the inner panel that covers the top 
of the inside of the door.  If I lie across the seats I can see and 
operate the latch mechanism.  All seems to work well and looks like it 
should.  I can see and feel the striker in its latched position.  I also 
loosened the big nut on the back of the striker under the rear fender 
and tried to open the door.  I also tightened that nut to try to pull it 
away from the latch.  Nothing seems to work.
Of course I can't get the inside door panel off of the door because it 
is held on by the door seal at the bottom.
All of the parts are new and have been working fine for over a year.
Any suggestions?

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