[Healeys] Panther Lift

Greg Mandas gmandas at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 9 17:53:36 MDT 2010

That was the other lift I was considering.  You have to drive anchor bolts
into the concrete floor, right? If so, then my garage floor isn't suitable.
 It's 60 year old and crumbling.
My other concern, with Panther lift as well, is where does the jack meet the
car? I'm using the 2X4 on the floor jack method.  What do I lift on with the
Panther or MaxJack?
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 I recently ordered a two post Maxjax lift which is designed for home
garages.  $2000 & free shipping.  Lots of reviews on line.


Ned Paulsen

Webster, NY

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I have an extremely low ceiling in my garage and I'm really tired of using a

floor jack. I ran across this jack and I am wondering if "we" think it would

work on a Healey.




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