[Healeys] Clutch Problem

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Wed Jun 9 10:40:21 MDT 2010

Sounds like a problem with the hydraulics, like there's (a lot of) air 
in the line.  I'd start with a good bleeding (the clutch line first, the 
wallet will come later). 

Did you check the fluid level and look for leaks?


John Snyder wrote:
> I am in the middle of doing a ground up restoration on a 1959 BN7.  I put
> about 20 miles on the chassis before taking it to the body shop, and the
> clutch worked perfectly.  The chassis sat in a cool, damp corner of the body
> shop for 2 months.  After the body was assembled, I went to pick the car up,
> and the clutch would not completely release.  In order to drive the car, I
> have to start it with the clutch pedal down and the transmission in gear.
> When I hit the starter button, the car does not try to move, so the clutch is
> only dragging a little bit...just enough to make impossible to put in gear.
> Any suggestions?
> John Snyder
> 1959 BN7
> 1960 BT7
> 1961 BN7 MK2
> 1962 BT7 MK2

Bob Spidell           San Jose, CA            bspidell at comcast.net


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