[Healeys] Silicone vs Glycol (natural or otherwise) brake fluid

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I let my car sit for 3 years several years back and when I checked around
the brake drums/pistons/shoes/etc there was green crystallized deposits of
what appeared to be brake fluid.  Had to rebuild all.

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Conclusions: Use glycol in cars that are driven frequently, but be very 
careful when you refill the system so you don't spill it on your paint, and 
change it regularly. Use silicone in show cars that are driven less hard and


I just can't help myself, I guess.  Anyway, here goes.  I have been using
silicone, as I said, in my Healey and E-Type for YEARS---and
1.  I drive them both frequently---took the Healey all over Europe for 47
days a few years ago--using silicone fulid.
2.  When I added the silicone years ago, I just flushed out the old DOT 4
and put in the silicone.  So---there was some residue of DOT 4 in the
system.  ZERO leaks in at least 12 to 14 years.
3.  You say---"Use silicone in show cars that are driven less hard and 
infrequently."  OK---for exactly what reason?  As I said, my cars are
"drivers" and I drive them frequently and pretty hard.  Give me technical
data to support this statement.

The only technical data I have seen against silicone use is in racing where
the brakes get hot and silicone tends to make the brakes fade fast.  I'm not
racing mine, so the benefits of using it far outweigh the reasons not to use

Over and out:)

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