[Healeys] Brake Fluid

Tom Felts tomfelts at windstream.net
Tue Jun 8 19:02:04 MDT 2010

BS Ed.  I've used Silicone in my E and my Healey for years with excellent results.  Had to REALLY apply the brakes on my E yesterday and got a loud squeel and very quick stop----so---what IS the problem with it?


---- "Shop at \" Just Brits \"" <shop at justbrits.com> wrote: 

HeeHee David, yer gonna LOVE THIS !!!  LOL !!

<< Use Castrol GT LMA only >>
AGREED and you are not only 100% correct but actually
1000% correct !!!

<< Now this is probably the most contravercial subject on the List >>
AGREED and you are not only 100% correct but actually
1000% correct !!!  And YES everybody it IS *me* saying
this, but David - turn the AUTOMATIC SpelChek ON <G> !!

<< and I guarantee that you will get some that swearby Silicone and
those that will swear by Castrol. >>

I have BTDT with regard to Silycon and NEVER again.  Tried the crap in 
my own car and as I said NEVER again !!  I even REFUSE
to put in a Customers' car [for the past <sigh> 50+ years].

<< If you look at any Girling rebuild kit is states that if you use 
fluid your warranty is void. >>

And as I USED to tell customers' their's is good to end of driveway [100']!!

<< David Nock >>

And I did recognize whom the post was from - LOL !!!!

Best to all !!


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