[Healeys] Non Healey - Jag 150 update

Jonas Payne jpayne at ThorCon.net
Mon Jun 7 09:35:18 MDT 2010

Took the Jag out for a couple drives in 100+ degree temperature over the

1)      It didn't overheat - stayed between 90 and 100.

2)      The car was cantankerous to warm up, even in the heat.   We allowed
the car to warm up to 80 degrees, before attempting to move it.  It took about
a mile to warm up to 90 degrees, at which point, the sputtering would stop,
but the car would not rev beyond 3000 rpm.  After another  5 minutes of
running, the car would rev beyond 3000 rpm up to about 4200, but no further.

3)      In any event, the car pulls smoothly and without hesitation, but
without the sense of urgency I would expect for such a large and powerful

The guy who checked the car out for me did not indicate these problems on his
test drive, in fact quite the opposite,  he indicated that it ran "very
strong".  I would not characterize the running as "very strong"

The car was purchased near sea level.  Las Vegas is at 3000 feet above.  High
test gas where the car was purchased is 97 octane, our high test is 91.   I am
thinking that there is a timing adjustment necessary, but the cantankerousness
unless the car was "hot" also bothers me.

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