[Healeys] Overdrive problem #2

Mark LaPierre lapierrem at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jun 6 17:07:39 MDT 2010

I got my pressure gauge  from Bill Bolton and it screws right into the valve 
hole. It is glycerin filled. Works great.


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>A friend's BN7 overdrive won't engage. The electrical system is operating
> correctly. Initially, the alignment lever did not appear to be precisely
> aligned with the alignment hole, so we adjusted that per the manual, but 
> that
> did not fix it. Next, we went for a drive with the tunnel off & when the
> overdrive solenoid was activated we pushed the alignment lever farther 
> down by
> hand to see if that would cause it to engage. It did not. The overdrive 
> has 30
> Wt. non-detergent oil in it.  What are some of the possible causes for 
> this?
> Our club is going to invest in a pressure gage. Where can we purchase one 
> with
> the correct fittings, etc.? What tests can we perform with the overdrive 
> in
> place to isolate the cause of the problem? I am reasonably sure the 
> overdrive
> cannot be removed without also pulling the transmission, but like to 
> confirm
> that.
> Gary Hodson
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