[Healeys] I thought that this was amusing - NO LBC CONTENT

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Sat Jun 5 13:54:27 MDT 2010

The police here in St. Petersburg have had articles written on the amusing way
the use radar. One was dressed as a bum looking for a hand out with his radar
gun. They have used road crews. One of the best was a guy with several others
who were holding signs for money, his sign actually read "Your speed is being
checked by radar". Another was up on a light pole working (his work was using
his hand radar).



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> << I was pulling out of a fast countryroad yesterday with my 3000, there
> was a guy standing alone in the grass doing nothing. >>
> HeeHee, around here [and rest of State] THAT guy would be
> the one with the Laser/Radar gun !!! Or the chap sitting on a
> tractor/grass cutter !! Or the bulldozer, or...........!
> And they do a land office business !!!!!
> Couple years ago, there was a State Chap sitting in a Prison
> Work Gang [yep, they WERE there pickin up paper/trash] Van
> with ONE DOZEN [12] "stop cars" just over the hill where there
> was not a chance in He|| of seeing them prior to the chap in the
> van !! Downstate, State Cops actually use an OLD & FULLY
> restored Piper Cub [was that J Model??] !!! Up where I am it's
> either a helicopter or a Cessna 172 in Bright Red paint sans
> "State Seal[s]" !!!
> But the best I EVER witnessed was a couple years ago when the
> State Chaps got a "ride in Snoopy the Blimp" which was at
> Chicagoland Speedway during the NASCAR Race. Word from a
> couple of the lads in stop cars was that NOBODY that did get stopped had
> even the slightest clue !!!! LMAO !!!
> They DO keep folks "honest" for a short period of time <VBG> !!
> Ed

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