[Healeys] correct duo color 100 BN2 - help needed

Tadeusz Malkiewicz tadeusz.malkiewicz at plusnet.pl
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Many thanks - I use this picture (slightly enlarged to scale) as a template
- very useful indeed!...


I hope it will turn out OK, the car should be ready in a week :-)


Many thanks, Tadek



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We find different fenders on the 100's with different ridges. The front
wheel arch is larger on some fenders. The two colors meet at the ridge in
the fender and the door. The read fender on the later 100's have a ridge
that follows from the front fender thru the door. The early 100's do not
have this ridge, just follow the line from the door backward around the
curve to the bead between the parts. 


The classic problem is how the colors meet at the front fender arch. For
this, there is a picture on the concours CD. There is one picture from a
middle 50's auto show with a factory car showing an arched curve meeting the
front fender. 


It took me many hours settling how to paint the line on my car. Take your
time and study the subject. 


Best Regards, 


Jim LeBlanc

1956 100_M

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From: Tadeusz Malkiewicz <tadeusz.malkiewicz at plusnet.pl>
Subject: [Healeys] correct duo color 100 BN2 - help needed
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Date: Thursday, June 3, 2010, 4:55 AM


Does anyone have a close-up picture of the way the two colors meet? I would
need a picture by the door edge and by the front chrome spear.
My chrome spear on the front fender is fairly high up - I wonder if the
cutout for the spear was same on all fenders...

Many thanks!

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