[Healeys] A history of the Austin-Healey Clubs in North America

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> > Yes, that was the Tuesday afternoon, before the dinner. A number of us
> > gathered in Blancks back yard to sit and chat on lawn chairs. Donald was 
> a
> > bit in awe of all the fuss we were doing over him and his cars so many
> > years after production. We have a number of photos taken there as well,
> > and next morning around Blancks breakfast table.
> > During the meeting, Donald found it all rather boring so joined the 
> ladies
> > in the kitchen and was quite taken by their new microwave oven.

It would be interesting to read a history of the early years of AHCA, 
including the first efforts in Virginia and how the Illinois group became the 
AHCA we know today. We've got a summary history of Pacific Centre/AHCUSA in the 
AH Magazine on the inside front cover, originally written by Reid Trummel 
based on a review of past issues of Healey Highlights and Austin-Healey 
Magazine (several of us have every issue from the very start), which I updated 
when i took over the magazine three years ago. As noted there and in our 
recent editorial coverage, AHCUSA, ne Austin-Healey Club of San Jose and very 
rapidly renamed AHC Pacific Centre, was founded in 1970, making us 40 years old 
this year. We take pride in the fact that the newsletter/then magazine has 
been published without interruption for all of those 40 years.
Since there are also several independent clubs in this country to this day, 
including Austin-Healey Sports and Touring Club and (still?) several on the 
West Coast, a comprehensive history should include them as well.


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