[Healeys] Painting coves to match main colour (plus a carb question)

Derek Job derek.c.job at gmail.com
Fri Jun 4 08:16:09 MDT 2010

1. I know this is a bit like a 'how long is a piece of string' question,
 but how feasible do you guys think it is to get a good paint match when
painting the coves to match the main colour of the car.

I've seen a very nice car I might buy. Its blue and white but this time
round I want an all blue car. (Don't ask why, it's all part of a cunning
plan I have). The car has an excellent paint job which was redone only 4
years ago. The owner has the paint code details etc, etc.

I was thinking (hoping) that as the swage line acts as a natural break that
this will help to conceal any slight colour difference that might occur. Has
anyone successfully attempted this. The car is garaged and doesn't live in a
sunny climate.

2. The car should have HD6 carbs but it has HS6 carbs instead. They are both
1 3/4 inch, but are there any significant advatages/differences between the
two types ?

thanks in advance


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