[Healeys] Steering alignment

John Harper ah at jharper.demon.co.uk
Fri Jun 4 02:28:32 MDT 2010


I cannot find anything in A40/A70 workshop manuals but there is 
something in Austin Service Journal Volume 16, December 1947. Here 
Austin was going to great lengths to introduce and explain this new A40 
'wishbone' front suspension. Up until then Austin dealers were only used 
to beam axles and cart springs.

When it comes to adjusting side tubes it does not relate to a tight 
spot. However what it does describe is how by adjusting the side tubes 
lengths it is possible to make sure that maximum lock in both directions 
is limited at the swivel axle and not by coming to a limit of travel 
within the steering box itself.

Presumably if the steering box did not reach its own 'stops' and was 
therefore central the tight spot would occur when the road wheels were 
straight ahead.


>Thanks for that information. I would like to see the workshop manual
>section for alignment when a A40/A70 has adjustable side rods. I wonder
>if it addressed the tight spot.
>Ken Freese
>65 BJ8

John Harper

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