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Mr. Bill bn1 at pacbell.net
Thu Jun 3 23:06:49 MDT 2010

Gee!  What was my one word?  EGO's?

Member of AHC,PC in 1972.  Now only, for my own reasons which will not 
be discussed here, a Charter Member of our local club, Austin-Healey 
Association (Inc.) of Southern California.

Why not just "Let sleeping dogs lie." and follow your own path for 
affiliations, including the A-HS&TC?

Bill Barnett
'53 Red Car  (which will be at Rendezvous in Eugene, OR)

On 6/3/2010 02:00 PM, Editorgary at aol.com wrote:
> Just to correct another misapprehension -- at least as I recollect the
> events, having been one of the parties at the table. The attempt at merger of
> the two clubs began when Bonnie Ayer and I came up with a joint proposal at
> Healey International in Breckinridge in 2002. It died when it became clear
> that the "old guard" in both clubs, folks who had founded the original two
> clubs, made clear that they would oppose any effort at merger, except in the
> unlikely case that the other club was willing to cede its name, magazine, and
> governing structure and simply turn over its mailing list.
> Most of this resistance came not only from a desire of each group to
> protect what it had created, but also because of a Hatfield-McCoy feud that had
> smoldered in the ten years between Snowmass and Breckinridge, during which
> time the AHCPC leaders accused AHCA of "stealing" the seed money left over from
> Snowmass and then squandering it on an ill-advised "joint" meet in Oklahoma
> in 1997. In the meantime, AHCA leaders were accusing the president of AHCPC
> of "stealing" the AHCA mailing list to do a solicitation of membership.
> in order to make sure that the merger never happened, both Bonnie and I
> were pushed out of office the following year. As I remember the facts, the
> merger didn't occur because of equal resistance on the part of old-line leaders
> in both clubs.
> Of course, to get the whole story , a real historian would also want to
> interview Bonnie Ayer, Hank Leach, Paul Schwartz, Walt Blanc, and Chuck and
> Edie Anderson, all of whom sat with me around the table at a AHCA delegates
> meeting in the fall of 2002 to discuss the structure of a possible merger.
> Cheers
> Gary Anderson
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